This website is a platform that gives in-depth information about Gordon Matta-Clark’s European summer of 1977.  Because there is lots of stuff to be told & shown, this website will not be a static source of information. We are planning to expand and update regulary to reconstruct Gordon’s legacy.  We invite everybody to interact with this platform & share your thoughts and ideas. It would also be great to receive testimonials from people who have known Gordon closely or just met him while he was in Europe.  Your story can be an important part of this project.

What to expect ?

This website is a public tool and can be used by everyone including museums, schools, Gordon fanatics, architects & art lovers that want to reconstruct Gordon’s summer of 77.  Starting point is Cherica Convents’ personal story. As a filmmaker she was very close with the artist during this period.  Now 35 years later she wants to share her experience before she leaves us to join Gordon in the hereafter. For instance Cherica rediscovered several never unveiled sound recordings when Gordon visited her home to talk about her film project involving Gordon. This exclusive sound material will be hosted for free on this platform. In 1977 she intended to realise a film covering the whole summer of 77, due to several reasons this never got realised. This website is intented to realise Cherica’s dream & transports her initial idea into the 21st century by replacing this idea of a film into an interactive website dedicated to the European summer of 1977. We are also planning to built a ‘screening room’ on this platform where you can watch all 3 films regarding his European period (Office Baroque, My summer 77, A Jacob’s Ladder) for a small fee. Enjoy the ride !